About Ussmile



Established in 1991 a transportation service for families whose love ones are incarcerated in facilities Upstate, New York. Also, a place for families seeking information they cannot find in the yellow pages and elsewhere significant to the prison environment. Our directory is supported by advertisers' who specifically provides a service to the families who comes to our website.


Our mission is to encourage advertisers to share their products and services by bringing their businesses to our website. These services are of vital importance to the families we serve. Placing your business ads with us will help you explore this market many advertisers don’t know about or tends to shun away because of its nature.


With the changing economy, many families are experiencing financial burdens and we understand, to help alleviate this strain we offer a free and discounted bus fares to specific facilities in certain states.




  • Transportation
  • Magazine
  • Defence Attorney
  • Bail Bonds
  • Social Services
  • Clothing Store
  • Pre-paid Credit Card
  • Pre-Paid Calling Card
  • Car Insurance
  • Cell phone
  • Music Store
  • Hotel