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If you are a family member or friend of a person incarcerated, your life has been changed. Some refer to this as,"Doing Time Outside". Whatever you may call it; this can be painful and difficult for you. You
may have lost the person who supported the family financially, as well as, caring for your children.


Relatives and friends may treat you differently, while others may act as if you are a criminal as well. In addition, your relationship with the inmate has also change. Your lives will be subject to rules of the Department of Correctional Services.


The inmate will have fewer choices such as; when he or she can make a phone call or have a visit. Families and friends will also lose the "Freedom" to have spontaneous and unsupervised contacts with their incarcerated love ones. Changes will have to be made in order to maintain relationships.


This web site was created to help you meet others with the same problems you are faced with. Creating a dialogue with others can sometime give a sense of where to turn for help, if you need it.